Patriot Campers X1

Australian Camper Trailer of the Year 2014 • 2015 • 2016 • 2017 • 2018

The Patriot Campers X1 is the ultimate soft floor camper trailer. Designed, manufactured and built on the Gold Coast the X1 is 100% Australian Made comes with a 5 year structural warranty. Lightweight and compact the X1 is designed to go anywhere you can and can be fully setup in under 20 minutes. Wherever you go, the Patriot Campers X1 is behind you.

What's new in 2018?

A state of the art battery management system, the quickest setup tent we've ever put on the X1, a lighter chassis and redesigned suspension distinguish it from its predecessor refining an industry icon and brings some tech to the camper trailer market that will revolutionise the industry.

X-Cruise TM Independent Suspension

Innovative X-Cruise™ Independent Suspension designed in collaboration with Vehicle Components is specifically tuned to the X1 chassis to reduce unsprung weight, improve travel and offer a superior, bottomless ride

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CS3 TM QuickPitch integrated Tent

The CS3™ QuickPitch Integrated Tent is Australian Made and redesigned for quicker setup, durability, and rainfall distribution. The A-frame style add-on room is setup in no time due to its single pole redesign!

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Rigilite TM Hybrid Chassis

The new Rigilite™ Hybrid Galvanised Steel and Alumium Chassis greatly reduces tare weight. This is our lightest X1 yet!!

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Redarc TVMS

Exclusive Redarc TVMS with a larger 4” screen, improved pixel density and durable soft-touch buttons.

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The Tourer


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The Grand Tourer


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Attention to detail

Style & Design

Technical specs

The 2018 look

The X1’s iconic shape is accented with new ‘X-style’ laser cut decals and body work and available tints are inspired by popular vehicle paintwork to truly colour-match your touring setup. Hard wearing rhino lining protects the front box stone deflector and the gas strut assisted spare wheel swing away speaks to the quality and detail of the Patriot Campers X1.

The X1 sits low and broad on Patriot style rims under black, flared wheel arches and laser cut honeycomb wet boxes frame the rear corners giving the X1 a sleek stance.

Strength in design

Chassis and Construction

Technical specs

Strong but lightweight

From the ground up the Patriot Campers X1 Grand Tourer is built to go anywhere. Its galvanized, interlocked chassis is strong but lightweight and barely contributes to the X1’s remarkably low dry tare weight. The 2018 model X1 replaces non-bracing, heavier galvanised steel with aluminimum to reduce weight

Smooth, effortless towing

Fully loaded the X1 is capable of carrying more than two thirds its own weight which is expertly distributed for increased off-road stability. The X1’s extreme departure angle, overall length and low, wide track allows for smooth, effortless towing and adjustable air suspension keeps it well clear of rocks and debris.

Wherever you may roam

Rear recovery points make the Patriot Campers X1 a true off-roader. For added versatility the X1 is fitted with a rear hitch receiver to accommodate a bike rack or other accessories.

Pressurised cabin storage

Pressurised air inlets and automotive rubber seals pressurise the cabin to prevent dust and grit from entering storage compartments keeping cargo clear of excess sand and dirt.

Superior structural integrity

The X1’s monocoque aluminium body is designed for durability and strength. Its non-corrosive, powder coated panels integrate with the galvanized chassis for superior structural integrity.

Smooth Traveling

Suspension and Ride

Technical specs

State of the art suspension

We’ve built the X1 to inspire, not inhibit, and the key to its ability to go anywhere is a state of the art suspension design. Big bore dual shock suspension prevents shock fade over long, rough trips and the X1’s long travel suspension dampens the harsh ride through articulated terrain.

Exceptional ride integrity on and off-road

The X1 is fitted with mud terrain tyres giving it incredible traction and off-road performance without compromising quiet, on-road comfortability and full camber and tow adjustability for wheel alignment maintenance keep your X1 locked in-line behind your vehicle.

Air suspension as standard

Air suspension technology provides true versatility and comfort on your adventure. Easy to use controls allow you to raise the X1 for travel or lower it for convenient camp setup and the ability to level the X1 with precision control provides increased livability when you’re done for the day.

Slide out kitchen

A full-sized work area for your family

Technical specs

The heart of your campsite

When it’s time to set up camp, the Patriot Campers X1 transforms into the heart of your camp site. The fridge slide drawer extends from the belly of the X1 to reveal a large portable fridge and stainless steel kitchen that hides a wet-storage compartment, cutlery drawer and plumbed kitchen sink. The ‘L’ shaped kitchenette features long-lasting, Rimex anti-scratch benchtops and the generous surface areas make meal preparation a breeze.

A twin-burner gas stove the redesigned pull-out pantry drawers and electronic control centre hub. And as a nice little touch - a built in bottle opener is laser cut into the chassis.

Clever and efficient storage design

The X1 is designed to be packed, prepped and ready to travel at a moment’s notice and the key to this concept is an impressive 2000 litres of storage spread across a variety of drawers, compartments and stowaway areas. Clever and efficient storage design accommodates bulky items like camp chairs, tables or solar panels and smaller items like the kitchen pantry, tent pegs or wet storage. LED light bars illuminate storage compartments and pressurised air inlets and rubber automotive seals keep your cargo clean and free of dust.

The front of the X1 houses a rhino-lined front box that lifts to reveal what we’ve dubbed the ‘Man Cave’. This is where you’ll find twin gas bottle holders, fire extinguisher, high lift jack and a large, convenient utility shelf. But the real hero of the ‘Man Cave’ is the barbecue swing-away - a mid-sized gas barbecue that its atop an articulated swing arm. A small awning shades the ‘Head Chef’ as he mans the grill.

Now this is living

CS3™ Tent

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