Choosing a new camper trailer is no easy task, there are so many things to consider! While the world is getting ready to reopen again, we know a lot of you will have questions around how Patriot Campers are used in the wild.

To help with your research, we’ve compiled some videos of our customers talking about their #PATIROTLIFE. Each customer has a slightly different camping style and set up.

AUS MY17 X1 – Tony

Tony is an MY17 X1 Patriot Campers owner who self-identifies as a Minimalist Camper. He changes his set up based on who is coming along. If it’s just himself and one of his sons, he uses a minimal set up. It’s it’s himself, his two sons and his wife, he makes sure to set it up with more creature comforts in mind. Watch the full video below.


AUS MY17 – Rhiannon + Tamara

Rhiannon and Tamara chose their X1 for easy family camping, so that they can get out more often. For this, a quick and easy set up and pack down is paramount. Plus, check out their nifty trick for their cutlery drawer! 


AUS MY17 X1 – Elijah + Caroline

Elijah and Caroline needed a camper trailer they could take anywhere, and they found it in the Patriot Campers X1. They wanted a camper trailer that was as versatile as a swag, something light and off-road ready, so that they could tackle the Simpson Desert…. especially Big Red. 


USA MY17 X1 – Al

Justin sits down at Overland West Expo with Al, one of our USA Patriot Owners. Al travels with his wife and two children, and together they brave all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain with their Graphite X1. Check out TKM Adventures to watch Al and his family offroading in the USA! 


USA MY18 X1 – Andrew + Courtney

While at Overland West Expo Justin got the chance to catch up with some of our USA Patriot owners. Andrew and Courtney have an amazing story… they’re living in their Patriot Campers X1! They have sold their house and they’ll be living out of their camper trailer for 12+ months. Watch to find out how they plan to do it, and look up Tsavo Touring to follow them on Instagram!