Introducing the MY21 Patriot Campers Range

The same UNSTOPPABLE platform with a refined set of features and options, the X-Range from Patriot Campers is back in 2021 bigger and better than ever before. Built right here in Australia, these award-winning camper trailers have been refined year on year, to deliver unparalleled off-road adventure. Experience true quality and 4×4 capability in your new Patriot Camper today. 

top my21 features


RELATES TOX1-N  |  X1  |  X1-H  |  X3

This revolutionary awning uses exclusively patented Hexocore™ material which has been tested to international fire and sun safety standards, and has proved itself superior to previously used materials in every way. 

  • UPF rating of 50+ – Cooler, and more breathable than previous material*
  • Ripstop qualities increasing its strength by 20%*
  • Integrated guy ropes with sewn-in storage pockets
  • Awning poles have an adjustable, swiveling, peggable foot
  • Features an integrated dimmable, yellow light with fully internalised wiring


RELATES TOX1-N  |  X1  |  X1-H  |  X3

The new Dometic Gas Stove and Grill unit outperforms our old unit in many ways. First, the output of the two burners is much higher, with a combined output of 20,000 BTU; meaning it will cook quality food in less time. The easy access gas fitting on the side is also conveniently located to suit our L-Shaped kitchen and the integrated windshields prevent weather from slowing cooking down. 

  • 2 burners with combined output of 20,000 BTU
  • Integrated grill top
  • Easy access gas fitting on the side
  • Integrated windshields



RELATES TOX1-N  |  X1  |  X1-H  |  X3

A new year means new decals! These decals don’t just signify the more noticable differences you see in the MY21 changeover, but also the smaller manufacturing refinements that we are rolling out across the models all the time that keep innovation at the forefront of every Patriot Camper designed.


  • New X-Range decals for 2021
  • Model name now positioned on the rear door and on the wet boxes for the X1-N and X1-H. Previously they stated X1 only, not the full product variation name.

X1-h Raptor Coated, hard top LID


The X1-H Powered Hard Top Lid for MY21 removes the window in favour of a tougher, raptor coated lid, which has been redesigned with strength and durability in mind.


  • New, lighter weight
  • Raptor Coated
  • Refined production methods
  • Redarc fixed 80 watt solar panel
  • Aerodynamic, composite shell improves fuel efficiency when towing. 



The backrest compartments in the X3 have been redesigned to allow for easier access. Redesigned as a fixed storage space, the backrests now utilise a hinged flip-down door for easier access to the items inside.


  • New, fixed storage hinged design
  • Improved access to the storage area while sitting on the seat

Maxtrek Mud Terrain Tyres

RELATES TOX1-N  |  X1  |  X1-H  |  X3 

Chosen for their rugged look and off-road performance, these Light Truck tyres with 3 Ply Construction, and a load rating of 1500kg per tyre will get you through any off-road obstacle you can imagine.


  • Light truck build & 3 Ply Construction
  • 1500KG rating per tyre
  • Aggressive tread design


RELATES TOX1-N  |  X1  |  X1-H  |  X3  | TOY HAULERS

The GME XRS Connect option gives you the ability to check in with camp when you’re out on an adventure. Perfect for families with wandering kids, quickly alert base camp if someone gets hurt or if you simply need to have a chat and mobile signal is not an option. 


  • XRS-330CTP Connect Touring Pack
  • Mounted antenna
  • Unit mounted under main control panel

*HEXOCORE™ Awning Test Results Disclaimer: Note that references towards the shade structures may not provide protection against reflected or scattered solar ultraviolet radiation. The UPF rating may be reduced when the material is incorporated into a shade product depending on factors that include the design of the product, the distance from the people being protected and the positioning of the product in relation to the people and the sun.

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. Features and Options of each model will vary slightly in different locations due to differing compliance regulations and distribution requirements. Please contact your local dealer for further information.