Projects like Red Bull Cracked don’t come around every day, so when our mate, Dakar champion Toby Price asked us to be a part of it, we had to say yes. 

Cracked is an action-packed off-road short film that showcases Toby’s many talents. Filmed in locations around Kyogle, New South Wales, Cracked sees Price in a thrill-a-minute dash to pick up eggs for his (fictional) family.

On his way to the chicken coup, Toby passes Justin and Sarah who are camped out with an X1-H and the iconic MEGA 6×6. Justin then sets off in the MEGA 6 in an effort to catch up to Toby’s trophy truck in an epic off-road drag race. 

Although side by side for only an instant, the MEGA 6 held it’s own on the track, with director Allan Hardy it an “unexpectedly awesome scene”. 

To learn more about the Cracked project, watch the Behind The Scenes Special Episode by Patriot Games, here: