Patriot Campers has released a limited edition Code Red X1-N, taking orders for the variant up until March 31, 2021. This camper trailer model comes with all the standard features of the X1-N, with the only difference being the bright red powder coated, hard-wearing, aluminum body.

Brad Kowitz, the Co-founder of TrailRecon, was the first to get his hands on the Limited Edition camper trailer for testing. 

“There are no better built trailers on the market than those from Patriot Campers. My new X1-N Code Red not only looks awesome with the new colour, but the capability and convenience it offers will ensure I have no problem traveling down technical trails with my essential gear to reach those epic camping destinations that only a few have visited.  As I prepare to set out to tackle trails in all 50 states across America, I’m more confident knowing I have the X1-N as part of my adventure rig setup.” – Brad Kowitz, TrailRecon

The X1-N offers the X1 platform with a variety of tent options, including no tent at all, giving users the ability to customise the camper trailer to suit their lifestyle as their needs change. The first of its kind, the Patriot EXORACK™ has been engineered to integrate with the roof of the X1-N and accommodate a variety of tents or camping and leisure accessories. For those that love the platform of the X1 but aren’t crazy about our integrated tent – this one’s for you. Other accessories can also be mounted to the strong and durable aluminium bars – such as kayaks, bikes, swags, or any other big boy toys you may own. 

Hosting all the essentials for extended stays and off-the-grid travel, the X1-N includes an impressive amount of power, with 270 amp hours of batteries, an impressive suite of LED lighting, and multiple power inputs including solar. Heading up this impressive power suite is the REDARC Manager 30. Through this electronic command center, campers have full control of their camper trailer systems with an easy to read display that monitors power inputs and draw. Add 155 litres of water capacity and an integrated levelling X-Cruise Airbag Suspension, campers can set up quicker and stay for longer.

The X1-N is equipped with the brand new PCOR® awning. The material of the PCOR® awning is really what steals the show. Labelled Hexocore™, this material is almost half the weight of traditional canvas, yet twice as strong. It’s also anti-fungal, waterproof and fire retardant. Rated UPF 50 +, X1-N owners can be rest assured that they will have superior sun protection all year round. Roll out the generous L-shaped kitchen from the belly of the X1-N and open up the compartments to reveal stainless scratch-resistant bench tops for food preparation, a large portable fridge space, the cutlery drawer, spice rack, storage areas and a plumbed kitchen sink.


For effortless and confident towing, the X1-N has a variety of engineered solutions. The heaviest components in the X1-N including the batteries and water tanks are positioned over the pivoting axis, creating the lowest centre of gravity possible. 

The X1-N has been engineered to allow for 500mm of ground clearance specifically for off-roading adventures and instantly responsive electric braking provides peace of mind. The D035 hitch from Cruisemaster offers a simple, drop-on attachment and gives full 360 degree articulation. Unlike a ball hitch, the DO35 will prevent drawbar twisting. Cruisemaster’s state of the art X-Cruise suspension system has been designed and tuned exclusively for the Patriot Campers range and is responsible for preventing shock fade over long rough trips and provides unmatched handling to keep the X1-N steady and balanced through any terrain.

The non-corrosive powder coated panels on the X1-N have been cut with laser precision and integrate a monocoque construction for perfect chassis integration and superior structural integrity that will handle a lifetime of off road abuse.The foundation of the X1-N is the patented RIGILITE ™ hot dipped galvanised chassis, which creates a foundation for low weight strength with the fusion of steel and marine grade aluminium.

The X1-N is surprisingly light and compact, at 3.65 metres long and with a dry tare weight of 830kg, this extremely efficient design makes light work of tight off-road maneuvers. The intelligent storage design totals over 2000L of storage and boasts over 600kg of payload to allow campers to bring ample cargo with them on long touring trips.


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