Patriot Campers are known for innovation, and this year’s MY21 X-Range line up is no different. Packed with some exciting new features on top of an already trusted foundation, the new 2021 Patriot Campers range sets the standard for high quality, Australian made, tough-as-nails camper trailers.  Among the MY21 upgrades are some obvious tweaks that come from another year of testing in harsh Australian Conditions, and then there are others that take these camper trailers to a whole new level. 

The X1-H has received a whole new lid for this year, which is raptor-coated and lighter than ever, thanks to enhanced production methods. A lighter lid means more payload, and 2021 X1-H customers can expect a tougher, more durable lid, which is an effort considering the strength of the 2020 variation. 

Every camper trailer in the X-Range is also equipped with a new PCOR® awning. This awning has already been available on the X3, and after twelve months of customer use the decision was made to release the new awning to the rest of the camper trailer line. The awnings on each model are the same, with only a few minor differences due to how they connect with the different tents. The material of the PCOR® awning is the real show stopper. Labelled Hexocore™, this material is almost half the weight of traditional canvas, yet twice as strong. It’s also anti-fungal, waterproof and fire retardant. Rated UPF 50 +, 2021 Patriot Campers owners can be rest assured that they will have superior sun protection from the hot Australian sun. 

The entire line up of MY21 Patriot Campers was recently taken to Kenilworth for testing. The results of the weekend have now been released as a one hour comparison film special on the Patriot Campers YouTube Channel, which has an aim to explain the differences between the now four-strong model range (and that doesn’t even include the Toy Haulers). 

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To learn more about the differences between the Patriot Campers X-Range of Camper Trailers, watch the Comparison film below. 

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*HEXOCORE™ Awning Test Results Disclaimer: Note that references towards the shade structures may not provide protection against reflected or scattered solar ultraviolet radiation. The UPF rating may be reduced when the material is incorporated into a shade product depending on factors that include the design of the product, the distance from the people being protected and the positioning of the product in relation to the people and the sun.