Recently TKM Adventures took on an epic 10-day family camping trip with their Patriot Campers X1. 3 families, 3 Patriot Campers and America’s great South-West.


The trip highlights some of the most amazing family camping hotspots, all the way from the spectacular mountain views of Colorado to the breathtaking canyons of Utah. 

Traveling through Colorado’s countryside did offer some beautiful scenic views, and it also provided its fair share of challenging terrain. The roads on the ascent to the Cinnamon Pass summit are renowned for being very dangerous in wet conditions with a great deal of steep and rocky terrain on the tracks. Luckily the X1 features a lightweight aluminium body weighing in at under a tonne, and 360 degree articulating hitch, making it the perfect choice for the journey ahead.

Family Camping in The X1

The camper trailer of choice for this family camping trip was the Patriot Campers X1. When it comes to camping in the X1: functionality, performance and comfort is critical. This was the perfect opportunity for TKM Adventures to put the X1 to the test.

When it comes to family camping in the X1, being able camp in comfort is essential.  On a 10 day family camping trip theres always going to be a lot of hungry mouths to feed and thats why the Patriot Campers X1 was the perfect choice. The X1’s L-shaped kitchen design mimicks a kitchen you would find in your very own home. Featuring a portable fridge, stainless steel scratch resistance bench tops, a wet-storage compartment, a cutlery drawer, and a stainless steel kitchen sink with hot water straight from the tap. Not to mention a whopping 2000L worth of storage (528 gallons) along with an insanely fast 10 minute setup/pack down time. 


With all these features on their side, TKM was more than ready to take on this epic 10-day family camping adventure in their X1.  

Check out the video below for some amazing views, delicious food and awesome camping. WATCH NOW.