Owning our X3 has allowed us the freedom to camp in some remarkable places, off the grid and away from anybody else. Camping in places like the shores of Lake Eyre , Lake Gairner & the Nullarbor have been amazing.
Peter Ryan

I use to camp a lot when I was younger , now married with a teenager my wife was always a hotel with room service type. I wanted to slowly get back into the outdoors but needed a set-up that was convenient, had everything and was comfortable something that I could ease my wife into so she enjoyed he experience and hopefully enjoy to make a regular adventure to do together as a family… after buying our camper and getting everything right for us my wife loves getting out she now books a monthly weekend trip and we both couldn’t be happier love our 2016 X1

Peter Drummond

So if you don’t already know i bought a patriot x1h to use as a mobile vaccination hub that I have been utilising to help vaccinate our vulnerable and rough sleepers on the Gold Coast. (note it says the trailer is owned by a charity, but it’s not. It’s owned by me) I absolutely love it. You can see a picture in the gc bulletin. I’m still hanging to take it camping and maybe even do some medical rural outreach work. Thanks guys. Ps… If u want to send me any merch to help with storage etc or sleeping bags that I could eventually use for camping with the family would be awesome 👌

Dona Hooshmand

Our X1n means we can go anywhere, anytime, easily and comfortably. How has it evolved things you ask? Well, we have a heap of water, loads of storage and a kitchen that functions better than the one I have at home. Anywhere the car can go our house can go. Living out of the X1n full time next year with a family of four and stoked about it!

Lily Rowan

We can dare to get out further and enjoy ourselves more. The comfort of the X1 and all the functionality it has makes camping an experience we never thought we could have. From making that fresh brew of coffee when we wake up, to hanging out with the kids in their tent reading books before they go to sleep. Everything in between is a breeze and so much more enjoyable

Jon Young

My trailer has allowed me to have the perfect surfing camp trips. This trailer is the perfect size, stops me from trying to take too much stuff I don’t need & more than enough room for things I do need! I was so stocked my X1N had all the extras to make life easy like to attachment for filling up water tanks & outdoor tap shower hose/fittings to wash the salt off after a surf. Don’t even start me on the Weber Q- bacon, egg & avo wraps after a Morning surf using the swing away arm- not uppacking or packing up- you’ve made camping no longer overwhelming!

Gavin Chapple

The stress of planning, packing and squeezing all of the camping gear into an overloaded car in the lead up to a trip has been replaced by the incredible ease of hitching the ready to go anytime X1 Patriot Camper to the car and hitting the road. Being so compact you hardly even notice the X1 attached to the car when towing. The X1 has evolved our camping with young kids back into the relaxing adventures that it should be. We couldn’t be without our X1 Patriot Camper.

Shane Montgomerie

We can go to any destination that our 4 WD can go and not have all the camping gear squashed in the back -the camper has barely left the towball since we got it!

Kathy Ciapusci

Funny got stuck on a tight spot on the other day while returning home from camping with my son and first thing he said was to ring Justin to come and help us. He’s obsessed with PC family and I’ve got to say that so do I. I have named my X3 ” Noah’s arc ” to honour his name and the joy he has every single time. Buying an X3 its like buying a piece of happiness.

Luis Santos

We love our X3, thanks to its simplicity and comfort we can share great memories with our family and friends. The outside kitchen is a central point for socialising and sharing a meal, while the dual access interior means we don’t disturb each other at night. Plus the awesome electronics have allowed us to charge up our stealth Electric bike without a generator. Our Patriot has allowed us to explore further!! Even through diesel and dust

Mike Hartas