Every 4WD enthusiast in Australia knows that Tasmania is a treasure trove for offroading and great 4WD tracks, and at the top of the list is Climies TrackClimies Track is a 20km track that follows a hilly coastal route through Mt Heemskirk Regional Reserve​ between Granville Harbour and Trial Harbour. It is recommended that you attempt this track in groups of four or more vehicles as vegetation is too low to winch from. 

This track is notorious for being incredibly difficult and only suitable for experienced 4WD drivers. It is not a track that you would usually take a camper trailer down, but Patriot owners Mitch and Amy decided to take it on with their Patriot Campers X1.

Fitted with X-Cruise independent suspension and a DO35 hitch from Cruisemaster, the X1 is engineered to perform offroad. The combination of the suspension, hitch and departure angle helped Mitch and Amy conquer this track with ease.. 

To learn more about what the Patriot Campers X1 can do on the Climies Track watch our video here: