To The Top: Patriot Campers Season 1

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Join us for the journey of a lifetime

One phone call can change everything and set off a chain of events that sees Justin and his family embark on an epic adventure to Cape York. Travelling in a five car convoy with the entire Patriot Campers line up and all the toys any family could want including a helicopter at their disposal.

Join this family of adventurers work their way through North Queensland hunting, fishing and four wheel driving as they take it "To the Top" in Australia's most iconic off road destination.

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Epic 2 Disc Set

Disc 1:

  • Episode 1: Let's Do This
  • Episode 2: Play Time
  • Episode 3: Rising Tide
  • Episode 4: Aerial Assault
  • Episode 5: Digging Deep
Disc 2:

  • Episode 6: Life's a Beach
  • Episode 7: Ticking Boxes
  • Episode 8: Mission Complete

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