Patriot Campers Off Road Camper Trailers

Off Road Camper Trailer

The Patriot Camper Off Road Camper Trailer is an all-inclusive camping experience.  

Designed to encompass your camping experiences from the camping ground to extreme terrain accommodating for the single travellers through to a family setup.

Our design has won Camper Trailer of the Year for 2014 with its innovative features and fresh new outlook on what we feel is the ultimate camper trailer accommodating for the single traveler through to our family setup accommodating up to 6 people.

As an Australian manufacturer we pride ourselves on manufacturing our off road camper trailers 100% in house using the best components our country has to offer partnering with brands like ARB, Redarc and Vehicle Components.

Compact size and extremely low weights ensure your Patriot Camper will make little impact on the performance of your vehicle irrespective of what you drive as well as offering you an excellent fuel economy.

Modular design accommodates for super quick set up times for quick overnight stays or simply lunch stops at a scenic destination and setting up the entire camper takes less than 10 minutes for one person.

The completely engineered monocoque design ensures this purpose-designed camper covers all the bases starting with state of the art manufacturing processes including 3D CAD design, laser cut and CNC bent components using exotic materials like marine grade aluminium and stainless steel structurally riveted, hot dipped galvanized chassis, independent trailing arm suspension, DO35 hitch and twin shocks as standard ensure you are investing into the best the industry has to offer and a build quality that is unprecedented in the off road camper trailer market.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced camper, the Patriot Camper off road camper trailer is designed for you to be able to experience all camping terrains and still enjoy the comforts of home – whether on or off-road, it is a camper trailer that genuinely follows you anywhere and handles the toughest of terrain. Fasten your seat belt, get ready for adventure!